J.R. Dunn Jewelers carries the largest and best selection of pearls and opals on the Crystal Coast. A personal favorite of J.R. and Bonnie Dunn is our unique freshwater pearl jewelry hand selected and designed for us during our travels to China.

Baroque White South Sea & Golden South Sea Pearls

The elegance and sophisticated beauty of the White Sea and Golden South Sea Pearls come from their luxurious size and brilliant satin luster. Considered the rarest on earth, these valuable pearls are found off the coasts of Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines and are produced by the well-known silver-lipped oyster.

Baroque Tahitian Pearls & Black South Sea Pearls

Rare, exotic and chic, Tahitian Pearls are the only pearls in the world that are naturally black. Black South Sea Pearls are produced by oysters native to Tahiti and the French Polynesian islands. These saltwater oysters can grow as large as a dinner plate, resulting in pearls that range from 8 to 18mm in size! As versatile as they are stylish, Tahitian pearls come in an array of colors from silver to black with shades of green, blue and pink.


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