Chamilia Bracelet Welcome to the world of Chamilia! Discover all the ways to express yourself with one-of-a-kind jewelry. Design combinations of dazzling sterling silver, 14k gold, Swarovski® crystal, colored stones and Italian Murano glass that reflect your life and your experiences. Inspired by your personal sense of style, your Chamilia jewelry is as unique as you are.

About Chamilia

Meet the Designer

Chamilia comes from the belief that each one of us has dimensions of our character and parts of our lives that hold real meaning.  Chamilia designer and co-founder Killian Rieder was inspired to create a way for all women to express that meaning.  She wanted each of us to hold onto our friends, family, memories and experiences in a very symbolic and meaningful way.  Each season, Killian creates new beads based on the experiences of all those around her.

Killian started her career at Ralph Lauren Polo, where she crafted her sense of refined design.  Today she brings that same sense of design to every Chamilia bead.

"I love seeing other people's creations and knowing that the beauty of the design comes from not just the beads but from the meaning associated with them.  Each bracelet is as unique as the woman who wears it."

Jewelry Care

Chamilia jewelry is treated to resist tarnishing, but sometimes needs a quick touch-up.  These instructions will help your pieces stay looking beautiful and lasting longer.

Gentle cleaning.  Chamilia recommends a soft jewelry polishing cloth to clean silver and gold beads and bracelets.

Do not use liquid silver polish.  Liquid silver polish will remove the oxidization treatment to some of our products. Products that have been exposed to polish will not be exchanged.

Do not wear Chamilia jewelry in pools, hot tubs, showers or salt water.    Be extremely cautious about your Chamilia jewelry coming into contact with chemicals including, but not limited to, hot tubs, pools, the sea or showers.  Exposure to harsh chemicals can alter the appearance of your Chamilia product and these products will not be exchanged.

How to Wear a Drop Chain Necklace

Chamilia drop chain necklaces make a beautiful complement to your bracelets. All of the beads are interchangeable and there are multiple ways to string the beads and wear your necklace — giving you many ways to reflect your personal style.

1: Traditional Drop Chain Necklace

Simply slide your beads over both ends of the chain and drop to the hanging pendant to create your desired look.

2: Hanging Choker Necklace

Slide your beads onto a 36” drop chain necklace as if you were creating a traditional necklace. Place each end of the necklace around the back of your neck, and simply pull the beaded end of the necklace through the loop of the opposite end to create a shorter style of necklace. You can adjust the dangle length as appropriate. This is a great option to display your beads with a variety of necklines.

3: Short Necklace

Slide your beads onto a 36” drop chain necklace as if you were creating a traditional necklace. Place each end of the necklace around the back of your neck, sliding half of the beads to each side. Pull only the pendant through the loop on the other end to secure it on your neck.



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